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Discover the key features of our future Clarissas project in Lisbon

The new real estate project plans to create about 760 apartments, commercial and service spaces, social and leisure facilities, promising to transform Loures, with an expected completion date of 2034.

Lisbon, April 5, 2024 – Thomas & Piron, a company specialized in real estate promotion and construction, will launch the new Clarissas development in an area with high urbanistic potential in Loures. With a total investment of over 300 million euros, the start of construction and marketing, which will occur in four phases, is planned for 2025 and completion by 2034. The project also includes the rehabilitation of Praça da República, in the center of Sacavém, the construction of an infrastructure network, and the creation of green spaces around the development.

The Clarissas real estate project will include the construction of a new urbanization, which encompasses a residential area with 10 plots, 37 buildings, totaling about 760 apartments, from T1 to T5 typologies, including penthouses and duplexes, covering approximately 83,400 m² and with prices starting at €195,000. All apartments will feature large balconies or terraces, private parking, and, in some of the buildings, access to exclusive amenities such as swimming pools and private gardens. About 9,000 m² of commercial and service areas will also be created, 30,000 m² of green zones, social and leisure facilities aimed at seniors and children, an infrastructure network with the construction of pedestrian and road accesses, and a total parking space that may reach 2,400, including 1,800 private and 700 public, featuring an underground parking garage with a capacity for 180 places.

Designed by the architectural firm Saraiva + Associados, led by Miguel Saraiva, and with an innovative and sustainable housing concept incorporated into its design, all apartments are designed to be energy efficient and environmentally friendly, also including the creation of 30,000 m² of green areas. The choice of materials was made with the consideration that their origin and transformation occur preferably in Portugal, thus reducing the ecological footprint. New forms of renewable energy production are also planned.
According to David Carreira, Country Manager of Thomas & Piron, Clarissas is a residential project with a strategic location, given its proximity to Lisbon, and aims to transform Sacavém into a prime housing area. In partnership with the Loures City Council, the construction of this development will include a large investment in infrastructure and urban rehabilitation, as well as the creation of commercial and leisure spaces. The strong commitment to sustainability, with the creation of green zones and the use of sustainable building materials, makes this a project friendly to the environment. All apartments are designed to create well-being and a modern lifestyle, with panoramic river views and access to exclusive outdoor areas. Given its growth potential, we believe this is a great investment opportunity for those seeking quality of life,” he highlights.

The new Clarissas development is located on a historic site, with a total area of about 10 hectares, where the old Convent of Our Lady of Martyrs and the Conception of Miracles and the current Parish Church of Sacavém were built in the 16th century and which, later, was occupied by military facilities, known as Sacavém Barracks. This new construction project also foresees the rehabilitation of a central square and the construction of pedestrian accesses to the different buildings, which will be built in phases. With views of the Tagus River, in the riverside area, and with direct access to the Tejo Park and the pedestrian bridge linking Lisbon and Loures, this new residential project stands out for its key location, with a consolidated network of public transport and direct access to Portela Airport and the main national highways.

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